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OWNS has special features that make it different from other sniffers :

  • it does not only capture every transiting frame on the network, independently from its source or destination but also reconstitutes the files that are transiting while the network is working. Up to now, all files that are transiting over http (html files, gif and jpeg files ), pop3 (mails) and Nntp (news) can be saved on disk.

  • its name (One Way Network Sniffer) comes from the fact that it does not need both the request (from the browser) and the response (from the server) to work correctly. The response is enough for it to work. This can be useful for satellite connections that use a simple modem for the uplink and  a satellite card as the receiving network device.

OWNS is in fact a prototype to prove that it is possible to reconstitute files that are transiting over a network knowing only half of the information (that is : the response, not the answer).

OWNS uses Winpcap on Windows, a free capture infrastructure for the Win32 family of operating systems.
On Linux, it uses Libpcap.