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Help/Faq : Basic concepts on the architecture


WinpCap capture all frames transiting on the network. All TCP packets are added to TCP connections (TCP streams). A TCP connection is a couple (IP source :port source; IP destination:port destination). A thread verify that each TCP connection has been accessed for less than 10 seconds. If not, TCP connection is closed. The type of connection is determined (http, pop3, nntp ) and data is saved.

There is a problem with such an algorithm. If a TCP connection is really closed (FIN flag received by both extremities) and a TCP connection is reopened less than 10 seconds after using the same (IP source:port;IP destination:port), OWNS will consider that there is only one connection. Fortunately, this problem does not occur frequently, at least when timeout is fixed to 10 seconds.


How to compile OWNS ?

You need Delphi 6 or Delphi 7 to compile OWNS on Windows. Just open owns.dpr and compile it.
Owns cannot be compiled with any previous versions

You need Kylix 3 to compile Owns on Linux.

The sources are the same for Kylix and Delphi version.